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Why You Should Be Anchoring Your Furniture

The Importance of Anchoring Your Furniture

There's no better feeling than knowing your family is safe. You do a lot to protect your loved ones, like making sure the kids wear bike helmets and blocking dangerous websites. But you may never have considered the risk some furniture can pose.

Adding Safety via Furniture Wall Straps

If a dresser or etagere is not secured to a wall with furniture anchor straps, it can fall and potentially cause harm to kids or pets. Little ones are curious, and they may think those beautiful shelves look like an opportunity to climb. When you anchor furniture to a wall, you're taking the extra step to keep your kids safe while they explore their surroundings.

Improper weight distribution and environmental factors can also make furniture unstable and risky for pets and adults, too. Vibrations from traffic in bigger cities and earthquake tremors can cause furniture to move or tip unexpectedly. To really ensure your safety, furniture straps are a must in every home.

Don't Compromise Your Family's Safety

The state of New York has enacted Harper's Law that requires furniture retailers to offer safety furniture straps for sale and inform customers of the tipping risks involved with some types of furniture - and other states may follow their cue. And we think it's a good thing!

ModShop cares about the safety of families everywhere. In all our brick-and-mortar stores across the country, we sell furniture anchor straps that are inexpensive and easy to install in minutes. We make it easy to protect your family while you shop for high-quality, stylish furniture that makes your house or apartment a welcoming space.

Rest easier knowing your kids, your pets and you are safer with furniture anchor straps from ModShop.

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