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Credenza Buying Guide

Credenza Buying Guide

Whether it is found in an office boardroom, a dining room or a living room, the credenza has seen its purpose transform over the years. Today's modern credenzas from ModShop marry form and function, and provides stylish storage solutions to meet the needs of 21st century applications.

Today's modern credenzas from ModShop marry form and function, and provides stylish storage solutions to meet the needs of 21st century applications.

Credenza or a Sideboard?

The credenza is often referred to as a sideboard, buffet or server. Although these pieces of furniture are now all generally thought of as low-set, long-style storage items, sideboards were generally waist-high and had shorter legs.

In today's vocabulary, the word "sideboard" is often more accepted if the piece sits at waist height and has lower legs.

Modern credenzas are statement pieces that can be brought into any room to add wow-worthy character and style. Have an empty wall in your dining room alongside a long dining room table that is primarily used for get-togethers? Our four-door credenzas are available in lengths up to 96 inches, and add storage space and dramatic décor.

Check out our smaller credenzas for space-saving works of art that are just right for tighter spots:

The credenza's appeal is in that it can complement the style of a room and offer shelving or storage areas that is set away from high-traffic areas. Their functional purpose is usually dependent upon which room they inhabit.

So, Where Should I Place my Credenza?

In dining rooms, credenzas offer an out-of-the-way destination for heirloom fine china, delicate crystal décor and seasonal items. Dining room credenzas may serve as a bar area or a showcase for artwork and sculptures. They can provide an area to set food out before and after serving, and can help eliminate clutter from dining tables during dinner parties. Just remember, however, that there should be enough room for guests to walk behind chairs while others are seated.

Styling Tip:

In dining areas, a minimum 36-inch space between the edge of your table and your credenza is necessary to avoid a cramped, claustrophobic feel. Larger areas are even better - between 54 and 60 inches - to allow for ample movement and flow, if possible.

Credenzas provide additional storage for linens, extra pillows and towels in bedrooms. They offer a concealed place for children's toys, stuffed animals and board games. Their low statures can be tucked cozily under a sunny window, offering an ideal place to add ferns and other plants. Use a credenza in lieu of a dresser in a bedroom - the nooks, crannies, shelves and drawers are ideal for clothing.

Our petite credenzas, which measure in at 48- to 60-inches long, are ideal for smaller bedrooms, condominiums and other compact areas that don't have a lot of space to spare.

In a nursery, the shelving inside a credenza can smartly serve as storage spaces for extra diapers and wipes, while the surface can be used as a changing table.

Family room credenzas can be used to hold movies, photo albums and your treasured vinyl collection. Position a large-screen television above the family-room credenza or use the ample space above a long credenza to display artwork. Add a lamp or two for height and soft room lighting, or stack several books for interest. Bring the outside in with the addition of indoor plants.

Credenza Office Furniture

In an even more contemporary use of the versatile credenza, it can be used as additional storage for those office essentials that may otherwise add clutter. For a natural yet modern look, choose our Marbella 4-door credenza and its complementary Marbella desk for two looks that are made for each other. The recycled, white washed wood of the Cody desk and the Cody credenza can instantly add flair in a modern office space. Credenzas create additional valuable office storage areas, cubicles and shelving for books, files or photographs.

Modern Use, Modern Hardware

Today's credenzas are portrayed not only in their varied uses, but in their progressive hardware designs: Lucite, brass, mirrors, rugged recycled wood , or a combination of all these.

Add a fresh look that will appeal to contemporary buyers who demand quality and modernity. Whether that buyer has an uptown loft that would be best served by the clean style of a high-gloss lacquer, or a funky downtown space that would benefit from steampunk designs to complement the concrete floors and metal accents, the modern credenzas from ModShop will satisfy any niche.

From metropolitan chic to the modern American farmhouse style, the height, finishes and sizes of today's credenzas will fit in a wide range of homes. Have a lower ceiling? Choose a lower-set credenza. Opt for toe kicks instead of traditional legs and select credenzas whose drawers or cabinets extend all the way to the floor for a selection that doesn't overwhelm.

ModShop credenzas are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs.

ModShop also offers traditional-length two-, three- and four-door and pull-out door styles. Thoughtful lacquered finishes bring out unique beauty and color in knotted wood designs and are reminiscent of a mid-century modern look that has seen a recent revival in architectural and design elements.

Choose mirrored settings and inlays to instantly brighten up a darker space or to add a more open, airy feel to a room. Solid wood inlays, recycled woods and creatively set rustic designs will enhance any modern farmhouse motif, adding a contemporary twist on a traditional concept. Clean lines, fresh geometric shapes and chevron patterns enhance the architectural interest of the credenza, adding a dynamic retro style, unique personality and a visual interest to your room. Incorporate intersecting styles with the retro approach; experiment with textures, colors and dimensions.

Credenzas: Versatility that Stands the Test of Time

From its adaptability as a statement piece of furniture in the home or office to its creative use as a place that adds forward-thinking storage areas to space-strapped spaces, the credenza has proven that it can survive the test of time. The credenza's versatility has been and will continue to progress, mirroring the trends and adapting to the needs of the modern buyer.


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