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Please call Sales on (844) 825-7612 if you need any assistance or help placing an order.


At ModShop we try hard to make our website and the ordering of our products as accessible as possible to all visitors regardless of age, experience, disability or their available technology.. As such we endeavor to make sure our site complies with the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), as part of its Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). This site has been built to achieve at least Priority Level 1 checkpoints.

We aim to make it 'use-able' – that is to make it easy to find information about our products and services.

Here are a few of the site initiates we have in place to assist our website visitors...

1. Our Phone Number (844) 825-7612 is prominently displayed at the very top of the website in the announcement bar. On smartphone devices this is also a tap to call link so you can immediately call us. We are available for assistance with product questions, advice or to place an order.

2. Accessibility Toolbar - In the top left corner of the site you will notice a blue Disability Icon. This can be accessed either by clicking on it with mouse, tapping on it with a touch enabled screen or using a computer keyboard Tab function to Tab Scroll to it and tapping the Enter key. This Accessibility Toolbar brings up a whole range of of available visual and audible customization's to the website that you the user can use to simply and easily help you to access the website.

3. Keyboard Only Navigation - The website can be navigated through the various menus including any drop-down sub-navigation. This achieved by tapping on the Tab keyboard key to navigate forward (Shift + Tab to navigate backwards). In this way site visitors can "scroll" through the various navigation and link elements of the website.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please kindly reach out to the Webmaster at:  Thank you.


Here is a useful User Guide for the Accessibility Toolbar.

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Allow you set preferences with less efforts. Avoids the work of setting preferences for individual tools.

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If you are a keyboard users, then  tools in this section allow you skip the content of  the page by links, headings, images



tools to make the content readable

Readable Text

Tool in this section helps you to adjust font size,line height, character spacing to make it easy to read the content.



Accessible Fonts

Choose Font

This section allows you choose your comfortable font style. This will help you for better readability.



Accessible color modes

Color Mode

With tools available in this section you can change the color mode of the site to grey-scaled, night mode, sepia.



highlight links and title


You can highlight links & heading if that help to consume the content faster. Also if you are a keyboard user then you can enable highlight focus. This clearly marks where your keyboard focus is at any given point.



Screen mask and screen ruler for accessibility

Screen Settings

Tools in this section helps you with following

  • Screen mask – Creates letterbox to focus on section of a page
  • Screen Rules  – Allows reading using ruler on the screen
  • White Cursor – Shows big white cursor that is visible for your eyes.
  • Black Cursor – Shows big black cursor that is visible for your eyes



Zoom and volume booster


Allows you to magnify the whole page for better consumption of content

Volume Booster

Allows you to boost the volume of audio / video for better hearing.



Accessible color contrasts

Color Contrast

Allows you to change the background & text color.



Tool tip and reset accessibility settings


Tools in this section helps you too make the tool tip on images & links more readable


In this section you can convert whole page into plain text mode and reset your  setting to default.


WCAG 2.0 (Level AA)

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