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All Modern Dressers

As you can see from this great assortment of stylish, modern dressers from ModShop, practical doesn't have to mean plain. Our design team and crafters put a premium on function-meets-fashion, and nothing's truer here. Each and every contemporary dresser from our selection is uniquely designed to bring something refreshing and exciting to your space - whether you're after a modern gray dresser for your transitional space or an all-modern dresser for your mid-century manor. At the same time, these show-stoppers don't skimp on quality or storage.

Dress to Impress: Modern Dresses for the Stylish Bedroom

Let's start with style. Our pieces are painstakingly envisioned by our in-house design team to complement a broad assortment of design schemes. If it's purely mid-century, reclaimed and romantic, fabulously futuristic or unabashedly chic, there's a dresser here that will almost definitely suit your fancy. We finish all of our gorgeous bedroom furniture with high-quality materials and unique hardware for something that pops. Regardless of if you're looking for a white modern dresser or a natural wood finish, options abound at ModShop.

A Question of Quality: Answered

And then there's the quality question. Not only does our team prioritize high style, we're also big on high quality. That means that many of our pieces are crafted in-house in our Los Angeles factory using premium wood, leather and upholstery that lasts. For us, it's about providing our customers with heirloom furniture to suit their original, relaxed lifestyle, and durability is of utmost importance to us when aiming for that goal. Make sure to shop ModShop for all of your bedroom furniture, whether you'd like to explore gray, black or white modern dressers or plush, tufted headboards and trendy frames.


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