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Bar and Counter Stools

Pour yourself a Manhattan or a Shirley Temple and cozy up in one of these statement-making, modern barstools and counter stools from ModShop. Our goal is to bring your home bar, kitchen or den to life with shapes, textures and personalities that tell a special story. For many of our devoted customers, that means supplying lavish and colorful art deco barstools - stained glass pub lights are optional but highly recommended - and for others, it means gray barstools or counter stools with arms that look right at home next to your vintage barware and retro bar carts.

Leather and Velvet Stools for Every Profile

ModShop loves the mod movement, but that doesn't mean we're married to it. Sure, we've got plenty of uber-contemporary pieces to choose from, but we also specialize in offering handsome, classic and even rustic stools. In fact, you'll find a selection of genuine leather counter stools here to go with your unconventionally classic décor. Even with leather, you can expect the unexpected when it comes to appearance and color choice. Our faux leather stools are worthy alternatives that provide the look and feel of real leather that you love, while providing you with more creative options.

If you're looking for the ultimate in warmth and luxury in your stool, velvet is a good option! A velvet stool - whether it's one of our delightful, blue art deco barstools or one of our statement-making pink barstools - goes with everything. It's the fabric that you can't help but run your hand over to enjoy its familiar silky smoothness. Also, if you're looking for the most color diversity for stools, velvet stools come in many colors that go great with your furnishings and room color schemes.

Animal Print, Cowhide and Fur Stools Galore

Adventurous and fun, our animal inspired barstools and counter stools can be a captivating addition to a home bar or kitchen counter hangout. Animal print stools? Why, yes, we have them, and they are everything you imagine them to be - elegant with just the right amount of wild flair that makes your heart skip a beat. Cowhide stools are ideal for rustic décor themes where you want chairs that blend ranch style with sophistication. On the flip side, you can go all out with stools upholstered in Mongolian fur. Every furry style offers something fun and unique - perfect for anyone seeking stool styles that represent a free-spirited and glamourous take on life.

Indeed, these combination barstools/counter stools are beautiful! They're also beautifully crafted. In fact, ModShop makes a good chunk of our handsome, modern bar furniture in-house in our Los Angeles facility. The great thing about everything you see here is that - because we're not just purveyors of to-die-for modern furniture, we're also the makers - we can customize pieces to suit your needs. If you see something that is almost right, but not quite perfect, just reach out to us and we'll be happy to work with you on custom upholstery and more.


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