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Adding a distinctly sophisticated feel to any room is easy with a curved sofa from ModShop. Rather than the traditional straight-backed sofas, curved couches are easily distinguishable by their soft and soothing curves. These modern furniture pieces typically sports a curved back, with a front area and cushions that align with the exact angle of the curve.

Curved sofas are hugely popular for art deco fans, as curved furniture pieces were highlights of this 1920s style. While traditional sofas may have been the norm for years, curved couches are making a wild comeback for homes that appreciate bold and beautiful pieces.

The curves of the modern pieces add a softness and comfort to the home décor, blunting hard edges and providing a welcoming vibe. You'll note the curved front of the sofas, particularly the larger ones, creates a crescent or semi-circle that's perfect for encouraging intimate and friendly conversations.

Keep the welcoming vibe going strong by pairing your curved sofa with round ottomans, modern coffee tables featuring rounded corners, and even round throw pillows that provide additional layers of softness to the room. Round or oblong throw rugs can also be placed directly beneath the sofa, with the curved edges mirroring those of the front of your curved sofa or couch.

Another beauty of the curved couch is its versatility. While it's stately enough to make a statement in a formal living or parlor, it also coordinates well with any modern furniture.

The collection of curved couches at ModShop is the perfect place to search for your new favorite couch. Choose from a stunning selection in a variety of fabrics, with gorgeous details that provide optimum style. Whatever details you choose, you're choosing a timeless piece designed to bring comfort and grace to any room. Browse the ModShop lineup of curved sofas and couches today.

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